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Arduino Light Mood Lamp with RGB LEDs

!! Code available on my GitHub toskyRocker account !!

Hi folks,

today I’ll show a simple project I realised for Valentine’s day for my girlfriend.
The main purpose is using Arduino Uno to build a small ambient lamp which changes LED colours depending on light intensity.
I have simply adopted few 10mm RGB LEDs, an Arduino Uno as prototyping board and 1 rice paper sheet to make the flower lamp shape.
The lamp can be powered by one 9V battery or with a 5V-1A adapter.

Bill of materials:

– Arduino Uno
– 2x (up to 3) 10mm RGB LED
– 1x Photocell
– 1x 10kΩ resistor
– 1x Rice paper sheet 30×30 cm
– 1x Paper box or similar
– 1x 9V Battery Holder OR 5V-1A adapter


1 – Electronic wiring

For a simple prototype, just follow the wiring below and upload the code found at my GitHub Account.
Remind that to better understand the code concerning fading have a look to my previous tutorial Fading LEDs with Sin Wave.
You can obviously, modify any range and combine OFFSET and AMPLITUDE of each RGB component to create more colours.

With my settings the output fading colours are:
– Green Orange in full light
– Red Magenta in medium light
– Red Blue in semi darkness ambient
– Red in dark ambient

Arduino Light Mood Lamp Fritzing
Arduino Light Mood Lamp Fritzing

2 – Lotus Flower Origami

Choose the color of your rice paper sheet. I suggest pink, or any light colour.
Follow the tutorial below:

3 – Putting all together

Once you got the flower, you need to assembly a small box or any other vase, container to put all the electronic part inside.
Before doing that, solder all the wiring shown in step 1.
Choose to power Arduino with 9V battery or with adapter.

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