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  • Arduino Light Mood Lamp
    16th, February
    Arduino Light Mood Lamp with RGB LEDs
    !! Code available on my GitHub toskyRocker account !! Hi folks, today I’ll show a simple project I realised for Valentine’s day for my girlfriend. The main purpose is using Arduino Uno to build a small ambient lamp which changes LED colours depending on light intensity. I have simply adopted few 10mm RGB LEDs, an Arduino… Read More
  • Led Fading with Sin wave
    15th, February
    Fading LEDs with sine wave
    Hi everybody, the purpose of this post is to explain a simple technique concerning LED fading. One common issue in fading a LED is blocking the execution of the loop() in a for loop as long as it performs the fading. This approach wastes a lot of resources since the microcontroller can only perform this action… Read More