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  • No Bridge Library on Arduino Yun
    07th, May
    Arduino Yun – TCP/IP to Serial1 redirect
    !! Code available on my GitHub toskyRocker account !! Many of us, Arduino lovers, want to get rid of the Bridge library, due to its lame performance, it’s slow and heavy. A simple way to avoid this problem is to replace the Bridge library (Atmega side) with a python script (Atheros side) that redirects the… Read More
  • Colosseo Roma clusterized with K-Means Cuda
    04th, May
    Parallel K-Means for image clustering using NVidia Cuda
    !! The code is available on my gitHub toskyRocker account!! K-Means is commonly used for cluster analysis and data mining. For a better insight of this algorithm I suggest to read¬†this. A brief explanation of how it works is shown below. K-Means scheme K centroids, one of each cluster, are chosen with an heuristic method…. Read More