Hired by Stellantis in Turin, Italy and working in Munich, Germany in the Autonomous Driving Level 3 Project in collaboration with BMW.

I have been involved in the Activation/Deactivation customer function and therefore responsible for writing software in both Adaptive and Classic Autosar in ASIL B and D components.

Stellantis-BMW Collaboration Level 3 Autonomous Driving
Stellantis-BMW Collaboration Level 3 Autonomous Driving

Among my tasks I could get hands-on CI/CD related tasks, like writing jobs in ZUUL and tools in Bazel and experiment different roles like Software Engineer, DevOps and Product Owner, fundamental to improve technical, negotiation and organizational skills.
Working with the agile Scrum LeSS Huge methodology has pushed me on the front line for suggesting improvements and develop ideas that eventually I could turn into prototypes with the great help of my colleagues.
The agile environment is extremely important at fostering collaboration, especially in cross-functional, multicultural environments.


* ISO 26262
* Advanced Modern C++ with Nicolai Josuttis, member of the C++ Standard Committee.
* BMW Driving licenses for preproduction vehicles B1 (speed<60kph), E1 (failure modes), B2 (attended, speed>100kph)
Certifications: Certified LeSS Practitioner (Sep 2019)