[AM_grid width=”twelve” ][AM_profile_box title1=”Andrea Toscano” title2=”Master Degree in Computer Science” img=”https://andrea-toscano.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Andrea_Toscano_2018_2.png” ][/AM_profile_box][AM_about_box title=”About Me” ]I am an extremely curious person, always eager to learn from others’ experience.
Highly adaptive in cross-cultural environments that have been fundamental for putting myself on the line, showing my own initiative and willingness to contribute in teamwork.
As a Software Engineer a put a focus con SW design and testing in order to deliver robust and effective solutions.
Among my passions I love writing music, playing the guitar, reading science fiction novels, travelling and taking photos with my drone.[/AM_about_box]

[AM_services_box title=”What you can find here” size=”twelve” ]Info about my career, education, projects and passions.[/AM_services_box]