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  • Comelicottero on
    11th, June
    Comelicottero quadcopter on website

    Comelicottero quadcopter Project will be soon available on‘s Forum. Some tutorials will be provided in order to set up Comelicottero’s firmware on Yun and the Ground Station on the personal computer. See Arduino Blog for further info: Comelicottero developed by: Andrea Toscano, Giovanni Intorre, Simone Castellani. Andrea’s Supervisor: Prof. Federico Pedersini Universit√† degli…

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  • No Bridge Library on Arduino Yun
    07th, May
    Arduino Yun – TCP/IP to Serial1 redirect

    !! Code available on my GitHub toskyRocker account !! Many of us, Arduino lovers, want to get rid of the Bridge library, due to its lame performance, it’s slow and heavy. A simple way to avoid this problem is to replace the Bridge library (Atmega side) with a python script (Atheros side) that redirects the…

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  • Arduino Yun - External USB dongle WiFi
    07th, May
    Arduino Yun – USB WiFi dongle acting as Access Point

    This post explains how to use an external dongle Wifi in Access Point mode on the Arduino Yun

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